Black Rose Enchantments has existed since 2005. We started out selling a few items on eBay and in local shops. We founded our Etsy Shop in 2011. Since then we have been growing over the years and have ventured into the world of vending. Our primary location has always been online and always will be. Though, you might find us still vending on rare occasions.

Lynn Sorel, aka Black Rose, is the Owner/Designer/Creator. She is the shop owner and creates/designs the majority of the jewelry. Lynn is an empath and an intuitive. She reads TAROT, ORACLE CARDS AND CRYSTALS. She is a CERTIFIED FAIRYOLOGIST, which means that she studies, work with and connect with faeries. She specializes in FAERY READINGS (which includes mermaids and other elementals/magickal creatures). She’s listed on the Fairyologist website of official graduates (under L)! She’s been studying crystals since she was a child and is a CERTIFIED CRYSTAL READER. She is also a Certified Angel Card Reader and a Certified Realm Reader.

Lynn’s husband Trevor, aka Shivrence, is the shop Co-Owner. He creates all of our chain mail jewelry.